Intro: D# Fm whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa Bb D# I said heeeeeeyyyyy, yay-hee Fm Ah come on, baby Bb whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa D# There’s this girl I like to meet D# Fm I hear people on the streets, they talk about her all the time Fm Say that she is oh so fine Bb Think I seen her once before, […]

Kawika Ukulele Solo

Composed By: The Sunday Manoa Performed By: Troy Fernandez (Ka’au Crater Boys) Submitted By: Teddy Chords: Dm C A|–0——————————–7-7-7———————————- E|–1——0-0h1-1-1-1-1d–0–0-1–3/8-8-8———————————- C|–2-2-2-2—————2–0-0—–7-7-7———————————- G|–2———————————————————————– A|–5-5-5-5-5-7-8/10-10-10-10-8-7-5-5h7d5-5-5h7d5-5-7—7-7-7————— E|——————————————————8—8————— C|——————————————————7—7————— G|————————————————————————– A|–8/10-10-10-10-8-7-5-7-5-7-8-7-5-3-3p0———————————– E|—————————————3-3p0-1p0————————– C|—————————————————0-0h2-0—————- G|——————————————————–0—————– A|–3/5-5-5-3-0-0h3d—————–3/5-3-5/7-3-3-5/7-7-7-7-7/10———– E|——————-3-1-0—0-1-3—————————————— C|————————-2———————————————— G|————————————————————————– A|–12-10-8-12-10-8-12-10-8-12-10-8—12-10-8-12-10-8-7-7-7-7-8-10/12——- E|————————————————————————– C|————————————————————————– G|————————————————————————– A|–12-10-8-10-12-10-8-10—12-12-12-12-10-10-8-8-7-7-5-5-3-0-3————- E|————————————————————————– C|————————————————————————– G|————————————————————————– A|–5-5-5-3-0————————————————————— E|–5—————3-1-0——-0-1-3-3-3-3/5-5-5-3-3/5-5-5-5-5————- C|–5———————2-0-2——————————————— G|–7———0h2p0——————————————————— A|————————————————————————– E|————–1-1h3–0-1-3p0-0-1-3-3/5-5-5-5-3-1-0–0—-0—————- C|–0-0-0-0-0h2————————————-2—0-2—————– G|————————————————————————– A|–5-5-5-5-7-8-8/10–10/15-15-15-15-15-15-12-12-12-10-10———–10—— E|——————————————————-12-12-12-13——– C|————————————————————————– G|————————————————————————– A|–10-10-12/15-15-15-12p10–10-10-10-12–8-10–{7-7h8d}7x—5h7-5———- […]

Half Way

Intro: Dmaj7 // E // A / C#m7 / Bm7 / Dmaj7 // E // A / D / E / Verse 1: (A, D, E) Every day is a brand new day, ay ayyy Jamming with my home boys We got no other choice We jam reggae music ‘Til the moon goes down, down […]

Little Black Dress

One Drop – Little Black Dress Chords: A, E6, D, E Intro: Bass Line, D, E, A, E6, D, E (leads) Intro Leads: Picking #1 (Intro x2)(s=slide) A|———————————–2-2-2s4s2——–| E|-5–55–2-0–5-5-5-2-0–5-5-5-2-0——————-| C|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| 1st Verse: A E6 D Girl I must say to you E A, E6, D, E Tonight you’re looking so good A E6 D […]


Intro: (Cmaj7, Dm7) Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2————————————————0-| E|——-3-3-3-0———0—————————-1—| C|————————-2———————-0-2—–| G|——————————————————–| Cmaj7 Dm7 A|-2-2-2—————3s5-3——————————| E|——-3-3-3-0——————————————| C|——————————————————–| G|——————————————————–| Verse 1: Cmaj7 Dm7 I love this place I call my home it’s my endless paradise Cmaj7 Dm7 There is no other quite this because Hawaii is so nice Cmaj7 Dm7 I live my life inna de island style no […]

Need to Know

Intro (Ukulele tab with Chords): G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-1s3-1s3—|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| G#m D#m C#m D#m A|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|-2p1————-|—–| E|—–2———–|—–2-2s4——-|—–2———–|—–| C|——-3———|—————–|——-4s6——-|—–| G|—————–|—————–|—————–|—–| (Intro picking is also played during Chorus) Verse 1: G#m D#m C#m D#m G#m Got an outside perspective … expected to walk away D#m C#m D#m (Way), they say (they say) G#m D#m C#m […]

Kiss You In The Morning

Kiss you in the morning (all parts) Strum: V ^XV ^^V V^ Fill 1: || Fill 2: A |-0h1p0—0— || A |—————– E |——-3—1- || E |-(1)—–1—–1- C |————- || C |—–0h2—0h2— G |————- || G |—————– Fill 3: Fill 4: Fill 5: A |—–3—–1—1- || A |——- || A |——-5—5- E |-3/5—53—3-0- || E […]

Undercover lover

Intro: A-2–3-2——-2-h3-3-5-0–2-3-2—5–0–h2-2—-2–3-2——2-3h-3-5-0— E-3——3—————–3—–3——2——–3——3—————– C-4——–2—————4———————4——–2————— G————————————————————————- A-2–3-2—-5—3—2—-0——0——— E-3——3——————3-2—3——- C-4———-2—2—-2——————- G—————————————– G Am G Am You standing there with your man but i see you looking at me G Am G Am So I gave you a little smile and you smile on back at me Bm7 Am And ohhh girl how can I get you all […]


Intro*: Eb Verse 1: Eb You know I love you, the way you hit my chest Ab Bb Like a boom boom bass, you light up the room Eb With your sweet taste, no one can take your place Ab Bb Ah you smell so good, so misunderstood Eb But I know one day my […]

Time To Get Over

Intro (2x): Chords – Bm, Amaj7 Ukulele Tab – A|-9——————————–|-9——————————–| E|—9-12—-9———————-|—9-12—-9———————-| C|——–11—9-11-6-9————-|——–11—9-11-6-9————-| G|———————————-|———————————-| A|———————————|——————————–| E|———————————|——————————–| C|-8———————–11——|-8——————————| G|———————————|——————————–| Verse 1: Bm You say it’s over, you left me out there Amaj7 To die, oh yeah Bm I feel like it’s colder, although it’s warmer Amaj7 Than July, baby Chorus: Bm Time to get over Amaj7 No […]


A|—3——5—7-2–3–5-0–2–3–3–2–0| E|———5—5—-3–3—-1–1—1–1–1| C|—————————————–| g|——4—–4—–2–2—-0–0–0–0–0–| X2 A|—0—-7p0——-5p0—— E|—5————5———- C|—0———————– G|—5–5——-5———— A|——–7p0——-8p0———7p0——-5p0——-7p0—-0———- E|—–5———5———–5———-5——–5—————1———- C|——————————————————————0———- G|—5———5———–5———-5——–5—————–0———- A|—–3p0——–2p0——-3p0—–0——5p0——–3p0——–5p0–| E|————-1———-1————–3————-3———–3———-| C|—————————————-2————————————-| G|—0——-0———-0—————0—0——-0———–0——— -| X2 A|—0——10/12—-10—-7—-7/10—-7—-5—-5/7| E|—0——10/12—-10—-7—-7/10—-7—-5—-5/7| C|—9——————————————————| g |—9—0———-0—–0—–0——-0—-0—–0—-| A|–0—–3p0——–2p0——-3p0—–0——5p0——–3p0——–5p0–| E|–1————-1———-1————-3————-3———–3———-| C|–0—————————————2————————————-| G|–0–0——-0———-0—————0—0——-0———–0——— -| A|—0——10/12—-10—-12—-12/15—-12—-10—-10/12| E|—0——10/12—-10—-12—-12/15—-12—-10—-10/12| C|—9—————————————————————-| G|—9—0———-0—–0——0———-0——0—–0——–| A|—5-5| E|—3-3| C|—2-2| G|—0-0 | X2 A|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| E|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| C|—-4—-9—-7—–6—–11—-9—7—-6| G|—-2—-7—-5—–4——9—–7—5—-4| A|—0–2–3–5——5–3–2–0| E|—1–1–1–1——7–7–7–7| C|—0–0–0–0——7–7–7–7| G|—0–0–0–0——0–0–0–0| A00000000000000000000000000000000|| E|00000000000000000000000000000000| C|—-4——9—–7——6—–11—–9—–14| G|—-2——7—–5——4——9——7—–12| A|—0–2–3–5——5–3–2–0| E|—1–1–1–1——7–7–7–7| C|—0–0–0–0——7–7–7–7| G|—0–0–0–0——0–0–0–0| […]

Island Woman

1). a-0-0–0-0———3–3-3——–0—–0——–5—3p0-1p0———– e-1–1—-1-1——-0—-0-0——1-0h1-1-1——0———-0h1-0h1— c-0—0—-0—-2/4–4—-4—0h2–2—–2—2/4–4——————- g-2—————————————————-0—0—0—0– a-3-0———3–5-3———-8–8-8—8–5-3-1———- e—-1-1——-0—–0-0–8/10-10—–10–6-5-3———- c—–0–2/4—-4—–4———————————- g——————————————————– 2). a-0-0–0-0———3–3-3————-1-0——–5—3p0-1p0———– e-1–1—-1-1——-0—-0-0—–1-1p0—0-0——0———-0h1-0h1— c-0—0—-0—-2/4–4—-4–0h2———-2—2/4–4——————- g-2—————————————————–0—0—0—0– a-3-0———3–5-3———-8–8-8—8–5-3-1-0——– e—-1-1——-0—–0-0–8/10-10—–10–6-5-3-1——– c—–0–2/4—-4—–4———————————- g——————————————————– F high C Dm Bb Let me tell about this island woman that I met She’s the type of woman every man tries to get I had to stop to realize her pretty face and her light […]

Give Me All

Intro Ukulele Tab (2x): A|-2–2——–6–|-14–14-9-14-11——| E|——2-3-4—–|—————–11–| C|—————-|———————| G|—————-|———————| Intro Chords: B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m E, F#, E, F# Fiji: Oh yes, it’s your boy F to the 1 to the J to the 1 Introducing the one and only Sammy Gun, Sammy J Sammy J: Ooh, oh Fiji: Tell ‘em about […]


*editors note – original song is in the key of C* Vamp: C7 F F Bb F Kumaka ka `ikena ia Hi`ilawe C7 F Ka papa lohi mai a`o Maukele F Bb F Pakele mai au i ka nui manu C7 F Hau wala`au nei puni Waipi`o F Bb F `A`ole no wau e loa`a […]

‘Ama ‘Ama

‘Ama ‘Ama By: Sam Alma Version: Isreal Kamakawiawo’ole Soprano Ukulele, C tuning. Chords used in this song: A+ D D6 E A Dmaj7 A—4—–5—-2—–2—–0—–4 E—5—–2—-2—–4—–0—–2 C—4—–2—-2—–4—–1—–2 G—6—–2—-2—–4—–2—–2 Intro: (put your hands roughly in the position for the chords, then play tab) D A D6 Dmaj7 D6 A A-5—-5–4—2——–4——-4– 2–0—-2—–4——-2——–0———0——— E——————————————————————————0——-0— C—-2———————–1——————- 2——2—————-1——–1—– G-2———————-2——————–2———————-2——————- D A […]

I Hear Music

Intro: Gm //// //// Cm //// //// EbMaj7 //// D7 //// Gm //// / D7 / Chorus: Gm Cm I hear music, I hear music EbMaj7 D7 Gm D7 / Oh oh oh Gm Cm I hear music, I hear music EbMaj7 D7 Gm D7 / Oh oh oh .. Gm Cm Like to tell […]

Girl, Let Me Know

C, Am, F, G7… intro picking A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 2-2-3-5-3-0— E|-8–6–5–3—————-3———–3- C|—————————2————- G|—————————————– A|-7–5–3–2–2slide 3-0— 7-8–10-7–3-3- E|-8–6–5–3—————-8————– C|—————————7————– G|—————————————— Chorus: Cause Girl I see you standing there, I just wanna know your name Can you just let me know, so we can be together la di da di da yeah Cause Girl I see you standing […]