16 Years

Intro  (same chords for the whole song):  
Bb  //// Bbmaj7 //// Bb7 //// Eb //// 
Ebm ////  Bb ////  C7 ////  F ////  

Bb                  Bbmaj7
16 years of lovin’, crumple it all up and
Bb7                     Eb
Throw it in the bin and act like you’z a winner
Ebm                              Bb
No, I’ve just been fooled like a soldier rushing in
      C7                         F
Can I take the hands of time and go back to the beginning?

Verse 1:
Bb                  Bbmaj7
  So I took the time, to try and realize
Bb7                    Eb
  Just exactly what is going through my mind
     Ebm      Bb
With me … and you
    C7                       F
Our sunny days are gone, the rainclouds movin’ on, so I’d
Bb                 Bbmaj7
  Like to sail away, to a distant place
Bb7                     Eb
  Where no one can ever take my heart away
Ebm                         Bb
  But now I know love makes mistakes, ooh
     C7                 F
Some words I have to say, my darling how could you take

Repeat Chorus: (Bb, Bbmaj7, Bb7, Eb, Ebm, Bb, C7, F)

Fortune teller with no crystal ball
Ten years in, I thought we had it all
But now it’s done, it’s over with
Our house is full of empty halls
So I (I) pick up some broken pieces, threw away
Just to stop thinking if our love could ever revive, oh

Feels like I have nothing to say
Deep inside a million pages
Could it be some memory, lost wages 
Lovebirds in separate cages
Will I get through all these phases? Oh yeah
Can I not be bold, please tell me how could you hold

Repeat Chorus (repeat and fade):


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