A part of me, a part of you

Every time I look at you
I just don't know what to do
Dm                         G7 
When I see you
Dm                                                G7 
Since you came into my life
                                          C                        G7 
Such a change in me I can't explain
Ever since I first saw you
While strolling through the park
Dm                         G7 
One sunny day
Dm                                                        G7 
It was love when I first saw you
                                                   C                      C7 
And this I really feel down deep inside


F           G7                 C              Am 
It's not often that I feel this way 
F                 G7                     C        C7 
Since you came into my life
F                G7                        C          Am 
You have now become a part of me 
F            G7         C
And I a part of you


F            G7             C                Em Dm G7 C
And I a pa----rt of you


Published by Dino

Senior member of ukulele underground almost since startup. Started playing ukulele almost as long after discovering this player named Aldrine playing I'm yours on YouTube. I play mostly island music. I also play music with my neighbor and 2 other friends. I have a temporary name for our group Miliwai'ewa - slow running water of life.

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  1. R.I.P to my parents Mr and Mrs. Edward Smith A. Akima. It’s one of their favorite songs and who better to sing it than Moe Keale.

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