Intro  Chords: Dm7 //// //// Cmaj7 //// // 

Verse 1:
A7*     A7**  Dm7     
   What can I do to please this cravin’?
You got me fightin’ in the battle to rehabilitatin’
    The way I feel I, I can’t deny
Because you put me in another state of mind

Pre-Chorus: (Dm7, Cmaj7)
You’re the habit I can’t break, my method of escape
My substance of abuse I depend on night and day
You take away my pain, how can I make you stay?
I need a dose of you right away

Chorus: (Dm7, Cmaj7)
I can’t get over you, I’m cravin’
I need some more of you to save me
‘Cause deep inside I know, I’ll never let you go
You got me going out of control
You make me say, “ooh (ooh), oOoh (ooh), oOoh (ooh)
I need a higher dose of you (you), oOoh (ooh), oOoh (ooh), yeah

Verse 2:
A7*     A7**       Dm7
   When you’re not around, my body falls weak
I toss and turn at night as my thoughts begin to leak
I can’t control myself or the things I say and do
I don’t wanna survive another day away you

Repeat Pre-Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:

  A many an addict live a life that is rough
  You know you’re an addict when you can’t get enough
  Whether you roll it in a paper or sip it out of a cup
Em6             A7           Gdim       Em6
  The way of an addict be to never give up
  So if you’re an addict who’s addicted to love
  Then Jah will rain his blessings down on you from above
Said no matter if you herbalize, drink alcohol, just raise it high
    A7*            A7**               A7#5     A7*
The strongest of addiction being this heart of mine

Repeat Pre-Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:

Need a higher dose of you (you)
Need a higher dose of you (you)
You (you), ooh (ooh), oooh (ooh yeah)
Need a higher dose of you
Need a higher dose of you

Verses & Chorus Ukulele Chords:
Dm    (2213)
Cmaj7 (0002)
A7*   (0100)
A7**  (6430)

Extra Bridge Chords:
A7#5  (0110)          Em6   (0102)
A5    (2457)          Gdim  (0101)
G#5   (1346)          F     (2010)
G5    (0235)          Fm    (1010)


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  1. Great job! Im Dustin, the one of the Lead Singers for Conscious Roots and the singer/composer of this song. The only differences I see here is:


    “A many an addict live a life that is rough”
    “The way of an addict be to never give up”

    other than that, thank you for spreading and supporting our music!

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