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Scott  Ha?i

He aloha no `o `Ahulili
D7                G G7
A he lili paha ko iala
C                   G
I ke kau mau `ole `ia
D7               G
E ka `ohu kau kuahiwi

Eia iho no e ka `olu
D7        G G7
Ke `ala kupaoa
C                 G
Lawa pono kou makemake
D7              G
E manene ai kou kino

`Ako aku au i ka pua
D7           G G7
Kui no wau a lei
C              G
A i lei poina `ole
D7          G
No na kau a kau

Pa`a `ia iho a pa`a
D7                G  G7
Ka `i`ini me ka `ano`i
C                 G
He `ano`i no ka `opua
D7                G
Ka beauty o Mauna Hape

Ha`ina mai ka puana
D7              G G7
He aloha no `Ahulili
C                G
He lili paha ko iala
D7                 G
I ke kau mau `ole `ia

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