Here’s  a toast for my girls ...

Verse 1:
A                  F#m7 
  You're the chaser to my Crown Royal
Bm     E7
  Body like a Coke bottle
A                F#m7                        
  And with every drink I can’t help but think
Bm               E7
  How smooth you go down yeah
A     F#m7
  Girl … I love your flavor
Bm                   E7
  You're the Rockstar after that Jaeger
A                  F#m7
  Southern Comfort when I need to be held
Bm                E7
  So in love with you girl

             A                    F#m7
‘Cause I'm so drunk off your love girl I'm buzzin 
      Bm              E7
And I can't get enough, of your lovin’
           A        F#m7                      Bm
Sippin you down girl … I love it, yeah, yeah, yeah
E7                             A     F#m7     Bm     
  You're the reason I'm an alcoholic
E7                             A     F#m7     Bm     E7
  You're the reason I'm an alcoholic

Verse 2:
You're the juice that makes my knees weak
My Grey Goose, baby you complete the mix drink
My Patron I'm takin’ shots of you
So into you, you're my Malibu
My passion for you’s like my Alizé
Baby it turns blue when you go away
So in love you girl, so thirsty

[Repeat Chorus]

Dmaj7       C#m7 
   Your love is the only love I'm tastin’
Bm7          A                 A7
   Baby girl, you're so intoxicatin’
Dmaj7          C#m7
   So I’mma keep sippin’ your love
Girl I never been so drunk

[Repeat Chorus]


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