All My Life

CHORDS:  All of these are played higher - D, F#m, G, A7 (look below)

         D                      F#m                       G                          A7

    4  4  4  4               3  3  3  3               4  4  4  4                 1  1  1  1
    |  |  x  x               |  |  |  x               |  |  |  x                 x  |  |  |
    |  x  |  |               |  |  x  |               |  |  |  |                 |  |  x  |
    x  |  |  |               x  x  |  |               x  x  x  |                 |  x  |  x

Remember when we started out just friends
we thought that's how these stories end
but time has changed us both since then
and even though we try to pretend
that we could hide the way we feel
denying that this might be real
i know that theres nothing less i'll give to you
in all my life...ooh..ah..ah

Please tell me girl that i'm for you
cause love is always nothing new
and if you said you'd be mine too
you know you'd make all my wishes come true
just give this a chance and just let go
and don't you ever say we'll never know
cause there is nothing more to give to you in all my life

Everything I have to give
every single day I live
i promise to be true to only you
in all my life...all my life...yeah..yeah

You'd walk into my fire
and i no can cool it down
i'm lost inside your love
it got me spinning round and round
and everytime i think of you
it makes me feel alright
and now baby i've been waiting for you
all my life
i tell you that i want your love
you never give to me
so honey tell me straight
if this isn't meant to be
until the day you walk away
i'll keep you on my side
and you know that i'll be waiting for you
all my life...all my life...whoa girl


BRIDGE:  (Change one key higher)

all my life...all my life
all my life


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