Aloha `Oe

Aloha  `Oe (Farewell To Thee)
Queen Lili`uokalani

  F F7      Bb      F
Ha`aheo, ka ua i na pali
Ke nihi, a`ela i ka nahele
    F F7      Bb        F
E hahai,  ana paha i ka liko
     Bb      C7    F    F7
Pua `?hihi lehua o uka

Bb         F
Aloha `oe, aloha ‘oe
     C7               F F7
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
    Bb              F       
One fond embrace, A ho`i a`e au
C7             F    C7
Until we meet again

      F    F7  Bb          F 
`O ka hali`a, aloha i hiki mai
Ke hone, a`e nei i ku`u manawa
    F  F7 Bb        F
`O `oe n? ka`u ipo aloha
  Bb   C7     F
A loko e hana nei

   F  F7       Bb       F
Maopopo, ku`u `ike i ka nani
N? pua rose o Maunawili
  F  F7      Bb    F
I laila, hia`ai na manu
     Bb        C7         F
Miki`ala, i ka nani, o ka liko


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  1. I’m surprised this wasn’t uploaded earlier. IslandMusicNetwork is legit Hawaiian now. 😉

    I usually play this song in the Key of F too; however, the linked video appears to be in the Key of D.

    So if anyone is interested in playing along with the linked video, play D and D7 instead of F and F7, G instead of Bb, A7 instead of C7

  2. Yea, sorry bout dat . . . I just picked Amy’s version as a reference for the melody. Most of the mele posted does not necessarily reflect the chords in the video, mainly as reference for the melody.

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