Always Be Mine

Intro  (2x):  F, C, Bb   (C)

Verse 1:
F              C                 Bb
  When I think about the love we had, I get a little crazy
F               C             Bb
  Then I wonder how did it go bad, our love was amazing
F         C                           Bb
  I never thought that our love would end up this way
   Dm           C                   Bb
So darling just listen to what I’ve got to say

     (C)   F                         C            Bb
Baby just know, that you will always be my number one
          (C)   F                     C           Bb
And darlin’ for sure, I will hold you close in my heart
     (C)  F                     C
And even though we’ll go on our separate ways
I will always have love for you
F          C           Bb
You will always be mine
Dm         C           Bb     C
You will always be mine

Intro (2x):  F, C, Bb   (C)

Verse 2:
F                          C             Bb
  I still remember when we made our plans, together for life
F         C            Bb
  I never ever felt so right (right)
            F                   C            Bb
But I never thought that in the end, you and I would just be friends
        Dm                   C            Bb
Just to let you know, you’ll always be my girl

Repeat Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:


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