Another Rainbow

Chords  for:
Bo Napoleon's version - Verse: C#, Fm, F#, G#     Bridge: C#, G#, F#, G#
    or Capo on fret 1 - Verse: C, Em, F, G     Bridge: C, G, F, G

Baba B's version -  D, Bm, G, A  (you can also play Dmaj7 instead of D) 

Woah oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Whoa oh oh
Oh oh

Verse 1:
When you take the stars out the sky,
They'll be no night.
When you take the fish from the water,
They'll be no sea.
When you take the sun from our time,
They'll be no light.
And when you take life from the tree
They'll be no me.

Some say another rainbow will find its way.
Someday another rainbow will come and stay.

Once you get through the rainfall
There's another rainbow
See it all through the grey clouds
There's another rainbow

Verse 2:
When we take the time to be wise
They'll be no hurry
When we learn to heal all the hurt
They'll be no pain
When we find the piece of our minds
They'll be no worry
When we give the love in our hearts
They'll be no hate

We all have many colors
But one shadow
We can unite as a people
With one love
We are just looking for that
For that rainbow
That gives us peace in our hearts


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  1. Great song ,wonderful on both Ukulele and Mandolin .Try some different chord forms on the frets while playing in the same key.Mahalo Bradda.

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