At Times

Album: Sincerely Dizzo

Intro, Verse, Chorus: F // Am // Gm // Bb //
Bridges: Am // Gm // (x3) Bb ////

(I’m back)
Baby won’t you listen, ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah yeaaahh
Baby I need you to listen real quick because I got so much to tell you
But let me start off by saying…

Verse 1:
I must admit at times
I can be a little blind
Of what you expect of me…
And even though some things won’t show
Girl you got the best of me
Listen as I’m trying to tell you…

It’s just the man in me
What other reason can it be
Girl if you could only see
How I feel, how I feel

Baby please know I ain’t perfect
My imperfections are still uncertain (girl you gotta know)
Know I, know I, know I
Will love you (I will love you no matter)
What it takes to see ya smile
Even if a thousand miles away
My love is here to stay…

Verse 2:
See I understand at times
I don’t really say much to you
On all the little things that you do…
But I do pay attention
I may not mention but you
Might think I am no good…


Bridge 2:
There’s no me without you
Who knows what I’d do
I’d be climbing the highest mountain
To get back home to – back home to you



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