Back In My Life

Back  In My Life – Awa feat. House of Shem

C=0003   Em=0432   Am=2000   F=2010   (chords repeat for whole song)

(there's a live version recorded at KCCN which is a step lower key, so, to play along with that one...
replace C, Em, Am, F    with...   B=4322   D#m=3321   G#m=4342   E=4442)

[INTRO]  C   Em   Am   F  (repeat a couple times)

         C                                 Em
I was so dumb to let you go. It may be too late to let you know,
                  Am                 F
That you were the best thing... that happened to me.
            C                              Em
I know this break was my idea. That I hurt you and caused you tears...
        Am                F
All for nothing... 'cause I couldn't see

           C                      Em
[together](What I had in front of me...)
                   Am                                        F
          The most beautiful girl in the whole world, 'cause I was too blind to see
           C                   Em
[together](Missing you like crazy...)
             Am                                F
          My true love that's got my back, for you, I'd give anything...

          C                   Em                   Am
       To have you back in my life... for one more time...
       (Am)                                                        F
[ragga]Just one more time with you will mean everything. You know me now baby I will do anything...
          C                   Em                   Am
       To have you back in my life... for one more time...
       (Am)                                              F
[ragga]You know I'm serious I will do everything right, just to have you back in my life...

              C                             Em
See, I didn't know what I had, wish I could take back what I said...
            Am        F  
You deserve better... give me one more chance
       C                                 Em
If you must know the truth, darling I’m nothing without you
         Am           F
Now till forever... I wanna be your man

           C                   Em
[together](Loving you exclusively...)
               Am                           F
          Just wake up my dear, kiss me and I'll take it from there...
           C                        Em
[together](Show I'm grateful eternally...)
          Am                                      F
          My soul mate let's grow old together... I'll do anything...


[RAGGA: continue chords]

I need to find u like in finding home
To me u stand out like shiny chrome
Perfect smile and dem eyes that glow
I never let these thoughts inside me go
Cause I don’t ever wanna feel alone
Cause since u left me I haven’t felt that zone
U broken me more then sticks and stones
U were my queen who stood beside my throne
What went wrong I wish it was like the beginning
I never thought we would find a division
I would do anything to change your decision
Living happy with u is what i visioned
Please come free me from this prison that I’m living
Just give me one more chance and hope u forgive me
I know deep inside this is true love that I’m feeling
This is for you baby ill do anything



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