Beauty Queen

Chords:  Fm // D# // C# /// D# / 

Fiji: My beauty queen, yes you are, yeah

She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh
She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh
She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh 
She make me go ah-ah-ah-oh-oo-oh

(Beauty queen, beauty queen)
Let me be the very first to say how beautiful you lookin’ baby
The style is ragga, makin’ these guys look crazy 
Everything about you from head to toe
Whenever you walk in the room, baby you stop the show
Wanna be there with you, back of you, when you a bend low
Everybody know, so it goes
Something special inna me jeans, baby, starts to grow
Everytime you back your bump up, wind it slow
People’s facial reaction starts fi change
Everytime dem a look upon your smilin’ face
There’s a general consensus on your beautiful waist
Make em all, like me, want that

[Repeat Chorus]

Two piece bikini, mami, looking really fine to me
Gotta be your body, probably her Maybelline 
Make me want fi kiss, her touch is so sincere 
Take her to the top while I steer from the rear

I love it when she take her time to put it on me
(Fifty-one, so original)
I love it, ‘cause she go down, down, down
She the queen around town, town, town

She got me sideways
She the superman down for me, I say
Got me hittin’ triple digits on the highway
You could be my Ms. Parker on my Fridays

[Repeat Chorus]

J Boog:
(Mmm, well-a-well, uh-uh, she make me what?, listen)
Well I remember this girl once before
Ripe and ready, when she walk through my door
You are not a joke to me, know that for sure
Said she ready for the boom, bang, boy
Gal, me tell ya dis
She want the whole of the Boogie, 
She love me status and me text her
She love the way I divide and conquer
I make she feel good, I make she feel good, girl

[Repeat Chorus]


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