Born and Raised

Intro  (2x):
Ebm, Bbm, Abm, Bbm (or Capo on fret 1 and play Dm, Am, Gm, Am)

Ebm              Bbm
   Visualize the soul of a soldier,
Abm                 Bbm
   Reach inside the heart of a warrior,
Ebm               Bbm                         Abm        Bbm
   See inside the mind and the dreams of your grandchild
Ebm            Bbm
   Realize the goals left forsaken,
Abm                    Bbm
   But never sell your soul to a Satan
Ebm              Bbm                           Abm     Bbm
   Captivate the hearts and the minds of whole nations

Chorus (2x):
Born and raised Hawaiian,
         Bbm            Abm     Bbm
I am the diamond in the rough
From the land of Zion,
         Bbm            Abm     Bbm
I am the diamond in the rough
        Ebm   Bbm   Abm   Bbm   (4x)
Why o-o-yeah

Verse 2:
Love is what I thrive off to stay alive,
Lay the head to rest call it genocide,
Believe in what you see have faith in what you can be,
Fertilize the land that you dwell upon,
The Royalty that run right in through your blood,
United we stand divided we fall

Chorus (2x):
Intro (2x):

Bridge (x2):
            Ebm            Bbm
One foot on sand, one hand Heineken
            Abm     Bbm
Hawaiian, I am
              Ebm       Bbm
Deep roots of warriors,
             Abm        Bbm
This land we flourish on

Chorus (repeat and fade):


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