Intro:      A F#m D E 1x
     (Riff notes: C# D C# E 2x F#, C# D C# B)

Verse 1:    
  There’s something in your eyes,
  It holds a big surprise,
D                                E        (Riff)
  It made me realize how much I adore you
  I'll hold you in my arms,
  I’ll keep you out of harm,
D                                            E
  I’ll always have the charm and love I have for you

     (Pre-Chorus keyboard bell notes: D C# B, A B C# B A)

D           E
  You’re my crush,
A                       F#m
Can’t you see the way I blush,
D                     E                A   E  F#m
  But I don’t want to rush things with you my love,
        D                    E
You’re all I think of, truly sent from above

A        D                    A             D
I get butterflies when I look in your eyes,
      A     D      A      D
Girl, I get butterflies  
A D                  A                D
I get so weak when I hear you speak,
      A D      A
Girl, I get so weak,
       D  E  A
I get butterflies

A, D, A, D, A, D, A, D, E

Verse 2:
Oh I love the way you smile,
It’s got me going wild,
I never imagined having this feeling
From the way you flip you hair,
To the glances that you share,
And the loving way you care,
As my heart hit the ceiling


A     D     A       D     A     D     A     D  E     A
              I get butterflies
F   G   A       F   G   A      F   G   A
But-ter-flies,  but-ter-flies
A, G, A, G (fade)


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