Cool Fever

You  know you look like satisfaction
and my reaxtion is attraction
i want to join in some relations
with such a beautiful creation
you are my major concentration
without a doubt no reservation
im comin real no imitation
lovin with no hesitation

Cool fever wen you love me so
im feelin cool fever from the head to the toe
call me crazy but i gotta left you know
i neva felt like this before

So afraid od spendin my whole life alone
till you gave me company
deep inside my heart you know
you have a home
lovin unconditionally neva been a player
jus shoppin for my queen
nva noe until you try
lovin how u always life your life so clean
shorty let me be your guy

people i be makin them tunes 
like a doctor fix wounds
and not a second to soon
so make room
as i resume
to consume
those who presume
and bring doom
from the womb
to the tomb
i got ya foons
in my zoom
so let me swoom to the 808 state
no need to comtemplate 
lady's lookin great
ya got to love a mix plate
so i state my mind
rate you fine
come to make you mine
i true believer 
you give me cool fever 


Published by Liloa

Just a local who loves local music

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