Do It Right

A                       C#m                       F#m
First time i saw you, I knew you were the one for me
                          D                 E7
and i wanted to let you know i can make you happy, baby
A                                  C#m
So you came to me and told me that if i gave you a chance
        F#m                            D               E7
you'd fulfull my deepest fantasy, never ending sweet romance
A                                 C#m
Now we're so deep in love and i've given my heart to you
 F#m                                           D                  E7
although these feelings burn inside i think we better think things through
A                         C#M
We've come so far, and i'd hate to throw it away
    F#M                             D             E7
so before we take another step hear what i got to say, baby

A                   C#M
Slow down, lets just take our time
F#m                  D       E7
dont rush, we've got all our lives
A                   C#M
slow down, lets just take our time
F#m        D        E7
dont rush, lets jus do it right.

(gurls) do it rite
(boiz) lets jus do it rite

and boy, my mind is spinning round and round
i need your love, i need here rite now.
oh sweet baby (baby), come and take my hand
lets take a walk on the beach and lay down in the sand, baby
so let me tell you baby, me dont wanna be a trip cuz me dont wanna move too fast in this relationship
can you see down on my knees beggin pleeze without ease and no rush go with the flow jus like a tropical breeze
what it takes, i need your love to make the world go round
what it takes to make the stars fall in rite to the ground
what it takes to make the mountain crash into the sea
what it takes is a little bit of you, little bit of me


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