Don’t Have To Think Twice

*Chords:  F  Dm  Bb  C7

OOH, HOO, OOH (4x)

As I'm driving in my car
With nowhere to go
I start thinkin' of you girl
And when will I see you again

Anticipating time with you
And what are we gonna do
I can't get my mind off you

		Cause you make me feel so nice
		and you make me feel so right
		and when I look into your eyes
		I don't have to think twice

You and me yes we both had
Our share of ups and downs
Sometimes good and sometimes bad
But we made it through somehow
Yes, I put my trust in you
You know that you can trust me too
My love for you will always be true


Verse 2:
Chorus 2x ...


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