Down With You

Intro:   C /  Dm / Em / … Dm / Em / … 

Chords (except Bridge):  C //// F // G // 

Mmmm, all right, yeah, yeah
Woah, na na yeah

Hey there my ILY lover, number one stunna
Body like no other
I’m givin’ you the deal, how I really feel
Hooked on your lovin’ for real
Been dry, but chosen a few
Now me eyes only see you
I wanna pack it up too, know just what to do
One chance to give it true to you

‘Cause I’m down with you
And things you doin’ lately
‘Cause I’m down with you
Let’s do it on a daily
‘Cause I’m down with you
Ooh, your look is drivin’ me crazy
Any more the love that you gave me 

I can see it in your … ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes
I can see it in your … ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes

Hey there, I won’t be late
Scoop you from your crib around eight
We can fire up the tub, do the rub-a-dub
Later we can tear up the club
Like a diamond in every single way
And I count my blessings every day
You’re a perfect display and there’s nothin’ more to say
Take me home I wanna play, yeah

Repeat Chorus:

Hit it, sh-shake it, boom

  Before you make your big decision
        F                       G
I wanna disclose details of the mission
Am                         G
Figure out your favorite position
F                  G
Germinate seeds to fruition
Am                       G
  ‘Cause your love is so hard to find
F                           G
And you do it naturally, no need to try 
From the eyes to the thighs, flawless design
Can’t get you off of my mind

Repeat Chorus:

I can see it in your … ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes (I see it, no lie)
Ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes (My one and only, yeah)
Ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes (I couldn’t let you walk on by)
Ah-ah-ah-ah-eyes (Can you see it, ILY)


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