Dry Your Eyes

Chords:  D A Em G

   D                              A
You shed too many tears over just one guy,?
Em                                      G
How much will it take for you to say goodbye,
  D                               A?
Tellin' me he's hurt you over and over again,?
Em                                       G
Girl it's not good to leave your feelings within,?
      D                      A
'Cause the longer I'm with you, 
        Em           G
and the more that we do,
        D                 A                  Em
Makes me want to show how much my feeling grew,?
(Said how much my feelings grew for you)

              D             A                 
So won't you dry your eyes, baby,
Em                            G
Come to me and let me break it down 
you've got to
D         A
Realize, baby, 
     Em                           G
that he don't know how to treat a woman,

     D           A
And all his lies, baby, 
Em                   G
Make me sick 'cause I know you deserve better,?
    D         A           Em                    G                      D  
So dry your eyes, ?I'll be there by your side, so baby please dry your eyes??

Verse 2:
Girl I've been there for you for quite some time,
Enough to know that your smile's divine,
To take that from you girl he's got no right,
I think it's time to let your heart decide,??
There's nothing in this world that could compare,?
The love that we'd share, the perfect pair,
You and I were meant to be, fulfill our destiny, 
girl I need you to see the truth.
Bridge: ?
Baby girl, baby girl
Please listen to me and I'll say all I wish we could be,?
Spend the rest of our lives side by side you and me,?
Shorty look up to the stars and say what is on your mind,?
Sooner or later girl I'll make you mine oh mine because,
Wanna be with you forever (forever),?Never make you cry no never (never)
You know I'll love you for eternity girl,

Everything I'm singing, girl listen to me,
I'll be nothing less but the man of your dreams, yeah..?(I'll be nothing less no, yeah...)

Alternate Chorus:?
So won't you dry your eyes,
I'll be there for you 'til the end of time, you've got to
Realize that you and I were meant to be,?
Girl I won't lie,
Truth and love is the key to this relationship,??(Truth and love is the key)
So look into my eyes, and see our future inside,
So baby, please dry your eyes.??(ooooh, oooooh, ooooh),
?Baby please dry your eyes...?(ooooh, ooooh,)?
I'll be there by your side, so baby please dry your eyes


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