E Pili Mai

Peter Moon Band

Submitted by: Kanaka916
Words  by Larry Lindsey Kimura
Music by Cyril Pahinui
Performed by The Peter Moon Band

Intro: F Am7 Bb C7 (2X)

F             Dm
'Auhea wale ana 'oe
 Gm      C7
Ku'ulei o ka po
F              Dm Am7
Po anu ho'okahi no au
Gm               C7
Sweetheart mine
E pili mai

Dm     Am7   Bb      C7
Ina 'o 'oe a 'o au
Dm      Am7     Bb   C7
'Ike i ke ahi o Makana
Dm       Am7 Bb    C7
He makana ia na ke aloha
Bb          C7
No na kau a kau
   Am7      Dm
'O 'oe a 'o au
Gm              C7        F
(Sweetheart mine,  e pili mai) (3X)

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