Dm                        C
  (Ooh) Well-a-well (oh … yeah)
              Dm            C
 Mmm ye-e-e-e-eah (alright) eh, yo

It’s never been a problem for me
It’s what I’ve always wanted, it seems
It’s almost predetermined to be
I’m always in between
It’s like I always knew that I would
But never really perfectly could
Was waiting for the right thing to come
But never really know, yeah

               Dm     G               C      Am
That it’s much easier, that it’s much easier
               Dm    G                Am
It’s much more easier  when you don’t lie
            Dm     G               C      Am
I mean it’s easier, it’s much more easier
         Dm          G         C
Ooh it’s easier when you don’t try

Anuhea: (Dm, C)
It’s in the summer breeze, it’s in the winter blows
It’s in the innocent, it’s in the criminals
It’s in the real roots, it’s in the real vibes
We get it down low, only to take it so high

And it’s in the sky above and even in the trees 
It’s inside of you and it’s inside of me
It’s in a weird way, but I see it in the clouds
And the only one we get is it here right now, and it’s …

Repeat Chorus:

J Boog: (Dm, C)
Never really wanted to get a job that didn't benefit a safe life
Work fi note and bills stack up, covering up my sight
I don’t qualify for your so called “regular life”
Wish you could see what we see and break out that single-filed line

So we blaze it fi all of my people who feel underappreciated
Just live your life how you please even if dem nah rate it
And don’t forsake it, don’t even fake it
SOJA, Anuhea, J Boog, yes we a go make it, make it … 

Repeat Chorus:
Repeat Chorus Chords:


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