Ehu Girl

Intro:  C F G7 2x Am G Am G

(Verse 1)
                                C                                               F
Said it happened last night about ten to eleven when I first laid eyes on 
                   C                                   F           G7
Standing in line into Club Triple 7, it was just like heaven and a dream 
come true,

Dm                          G                           Am
We’re standing at the right place at the right time,
            Dm                         G7
When you, this ehu girl, caused a crime.

                  C         F                   G7                     
You’re my pretty little ehu girl who made me a fool in love,
C                        F                            G7
Got my heart all in a whirl and now it needs cooling off,
                      C      F         G7
You set my heart on fire... and now I don’t know what to do,
                      C      F          G7
You set my heart on fire... and now I’m so in love with you my ehu girl.


(Verse 2)
Said I’m feeling it now, something I’ve never felt,
My hearts so hot I think I’m gonna melt,
Somehow, I want to see you again
My love, sent from above. 

Dm              G                   Am
And beautiful girls yes I’ve seen a few,
           Dm                                  G7                      
but out of all the beauty in the world there’s no one quite like you.


My ehu girl.

              C          Dm
The way your ehu hair floats in the air,
              C            Dm
The way your shining eyes reflect the sky, 
              C     Dm
The way your smile burns up my flame,
       F                         G7
But I don’t know your name and I guess I’ll call you... 



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