Fall In Love

Gm,  A7
Dm, C, Gm, A7 

Dm, C, Gm, F
Dm, C, Gm, F

     Dm                C
Pull up to your house, pretty girl is all I see
Gm               A7
Loosen the mood, Malibu the remedy
Dm                C
Vibe in the club, sexy thing I got to have it
Gm               A7
No need to rush, gonna get it automatic

Dm              C
  Have you ever been there?
Gm              A7             Dm
  Have you ever made it to the top?
Baby let me take you
Gm               A7       Dm
  Take you to my favorite spot
       C           Gm                A7
Let me know if I'm trying to push my luck
Bb7                           A7
Tell me girl, are you down to fall...

   Dm              C
In love, love, love, love, love..
Gm          F 
Love, love, let's just fall in 
Dm              C
Love, love, love, love, love.. 
Gm          F
Love, love, yeah yeah yeah...

Verse 2: (Dm, C, Gm, A7)
Clothes hit the floor, let me see your naked truth
Feel it coming, show me that you're bulletproof
Got you coming, got me like an avalanche
Bodies burning, I will be your fireman

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

Gm           A7
  I need to warn you
Gm                   A7
  Girl when I put it on you
Gonna make you say … 

[Repeat Pre-Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]


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