Give It Up

Chords  Used: A, F#m, D, E7

(1st Verse): 
I got a sickness, 
say that you're that prescription 
Got problems, 
F#m                               D
you're the only one that listens, 
D       E7x2
to me~ 

Never told her that she was that one, 
So she went and then she got that gun 
D                             E7
and aimed it straight at my heart~
And your body's like a hour glass, 
And I can't stop in time 
So baby don't be mad, 
Because I gave it all I had 
And your kiss is like a "Summer Breeze", 
It puts my pain at ease 
So baby don't hold back, 
E7 (One strum)
A simple kiss I'll kiss you back 


A             F#m
I can't hold back all this love, 
("Give it up girl, Give it to me") 
D               E7
Cause it's bad for your heart 
("Give it up girl, give it to me" )

(2nd Verse): [Repeat chords from 1st verse]
Now did I mention baby, you're that fix 
Two shots baby does the trick, 
I feel it in my soul~ 
And now she wanna be my lover, 
And now we're dancin' under the covers 
And then we're sharin' the night~ 
And baby I can't help it, 
The way you make me feel 
Cause your loves in full attack, 
Rollin' with the wall against my back 
And if you were to take my heart~ 
Girl the way we're makin' love, 
I swear we'll never be apart~ 

"Give it up!"

(CHORUS): [repeat]

A        #m   D
So show me~ What's it all about? 
What's it all about? 
(CHORUS): [repeat]

"Give it up!"


Published by kyharada

From the Islands of Hawaii, just a girl connecting with her passion.

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