Going To Hana, Maui

C                                G7
They travel to the eastern side of Maui
F                                            C 
They come from far and wide to see the sights
    F                             C 
Not knowing where they're going
        Em                  Am
On that long and lonesome highway
F                             G7
Away from all that night life city light

C              G7
Going to Hana, Maui
F                             C 
Drive's a thrill the beauty never ends
Going to Hana, Maui
F                 G7                   C 
Up and down the hills and around the bend

C                                     G7
Days are warm, the nights are deathly quiet
F                                     C
This old place has changed since I last came
      F               G7
The friendship, trust and love
Em             Am
You cannot buy it
      F                               G7
The purpose in their lives remain the same


C                                G7
Old folks say to learn the ways of life
     F                           C 
To understand, to go out on your own
     F                 G7
I've been around the world
           Em            Am
Seen those flashing neon lights
      F                                G7
I'm coming back, there's no place like home



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