Good Time Together

Performed  By: Cecilio and Kapono

	    G	 Bm7   C	D7		G    Bm7      C     D7
It's been a good time together, looking for the warmth of the sun
	   G	Bm7    C     D7			      G    C  G
Gonna be a long time together, and the best is yet to come

G		  Bm7		 Em	     D7
I remember the beginning we were younger than
Am		      C			D7
We used to play those games we'd both pretend
G		      Bm7		   Em
But that was then and now our moments come again
C			  Am	  D7
So should we throw it all away is this the end
G		 Bm7	          Em		D7
We have seen the ones that could not make the grade
Am		C		D7
Hiding broken hearts living a masquerade
G		   Bm7		           Em		
And if it's magic that we're weaving let's not be afraid
C		     Am		   D7
To sing our song of love that weve already made
G		Bm7	    Em	       D7
Here we are together in tomorrows dreams
   Am		          C		   D7
So strike up the band and play that old familiar theme
G		      Bm7	    Em
And take the lovers by the hand and lead the way
C			Am		     D7
Your summer lady by your side don't let her slip away


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