Green Rose Hula


Submitted by: Kanaka916
Green  Rose Hula
Laida Paia/John K. Almeida  

Intro: F  C7  F  C7
Vamp: C7  F  C7  F

F                  Bb    F
No ka pua loke lau ke aloha
Bb      F     C7     F   (VAMP)
No ka u`i kau i ka wekiu

F             Bb     F
Ko `ala onaona i `ane`i
Bb       F      C7    F  (VAMP)
Ho`olale mai ana e walea

F              Bb  F
E walea pu aku me `oe
Bb        F      C7    F (VAMP)
I ka hana no`eau ho`oipo

F                Bb    F
A he ipo `oe na`u i aloha
Bb        F      C7    F (VAMP)
Ka `ano`i a ku`u pu`uwai

F              Bb    F
Ha`ina `ia mai ka puana
Bb     F          C7    F  (VAMP)
Nou no green rose ke aloha

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