Half Way

Kolohe Kai

Submitted by: danishkine
Dmaj7 // E //  A / C#m7 / Bm7 /
Dmaj7 // E //  A / D / E /

Verse 1: (A, D, E)
Every day is a brand new day, ay ayyy
Jamming with my home boys
We got no other choice
We jam reggae music
'Til the moon goes down, down
Until the morning light enters into my room

Pre-Chorus: (Bm, E)
But something is missing (missing)
My baby, I'm not kissing, no no no no no

Chorus: (A, D, E)
She wants a hug from me (hug from me)
She can come get it in Tahiti
She is the one for me (one for me)
And I can go get it in Hawaii
But could she meet me half way (could she meet me halfway)
Could she meet me half-way, ay, ay
Could she meet me half way

Verse 2: (A, D, E)
Every week is a nice blue wave (wave)
We riding waves all day long
The sun never felt so strong
We gonna ride, 'til the tide goes down (down)
Until that sunlight, make its way all around

Repeat Pre-Chorus:
Repeat Chorus:

She put the rice upon the raw fish
She put the ice on this Hinano dish
She put the rice upon the raw fish
She put the ice on his Hinano dish

Repeat Pre-Chorus:
I'm not kissing

Repeat Chorus: (Bb, Eb, F)

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