Haole Hula

Haole  Hula
by R. Alex Anderson

Vamp: C7 C C7 F x2
F                                C7         F
Oh when I hear the strains of that sweet Alekoki 
                             C7          F   F7
And stealing from afar-off guitar “Penei n?” 
           Bb             D7          G7
When “Lili`u ?” makes you sway in the moonlight 
                  C7                        F
I know the reason why fair Hawaii haunts you so

F                              C7         F
The lovely blue of sky and the sapphire of ocean 
                                   C7           F     F7
The flashing white of cloud and of waves foaming crest 
                   Bb             D7           G7
The many shades of green from the plain to the mountain 
                       C7                     F
With all the brightest hues of the rainbow we're blessed

F                               C7            F
I hear the swish of rain as it sweeps down the valley 
                              C7                F     F7
I hear the song of wind as it sighs through the trees 
                    Bb           D7            G7
I hear the crash of waves on the rocks and the beaches 
                   C7                       F
I hear the hissing surf and the boom of the seas

F                               C7         F
I love to dance and sing of the charms of Hawaii 
                              C7      F   F7
And from a joyful heart sing Aloha to you 
                   Bb          D7         G7
In every note I'll tell of the spell of my islands 
                     C7                          F
For then I know that you'll be in love with them too

                     C7                         Bb Bbm F C7 F 
For then I know that you'll be in love with them toooooooooo


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