Hard Times

Hard  Times – Kiwini Vaitai

G=4232 or 0232     C=5433 or 0003     Am=2000     D=2220

Reggae strum works good... the chords are mainly  G  C  Am  D
But if you want to get fancy, you can do a walk down from the C=5433, by playing Bm=4222 ... 
So the progression would look like...  G G C Bm Am Am D D
Also, feel free to correct the lyrics... I don't know what he's sayin' sometimez.

[INTRO]   G   C   Am   D   (repeat till end of song)

        G                           C                   Am                       D
        Everybody goes through them hard times... every once in a while the fish let go the line and
     G               C                  Am                         D                        G
        How do you recuperate when it's too late, the month's rent due and they done up the wages
  C     Am                         D
        I keep talkin' stories for ages, so let me tell ya'

G              C                        Am                               D             G
  Four thirty, crow from the birdie ... Never really thought that I'd be up this early
(G)          C                     Am                    D                          G          
On my way to work, clock in at the clerk, slavin' in the sun, you wanna take off yo shirt, 'cause
C                        Am                          D
Everybody knows, that to live in paradise, you gotta go with the flow, like 
G                             C          Am                        D
Workin' in the morning 'til I hit drama, sweatin' in the sun, hot, just like a sauna
G                    C              Am                            D
Nobody knows it when we, ooh, gotta work hard then pay bills and still short at the end of the week


G                    C                Am                        D
Just like a waste of time, working so hard, only getin' nickels and dimes
G                      C                        Am                 D
Never did I ever see a day like that, where the price is right, it never roll back
   G                      C                     Am                           D
My buddy told me he gotta take it from the whip just so he can take his baby girl to a field trip
G                           C              Am                   D
Never will ever this modern day a-maze me, everybody's got hard times daily
G                    C               Am                  D
All I can do is wait patiently, when happy times come consistently

[Instrumental]   G   C   Am   D    2X
[CHORUS] 2X and fade


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  1. Still don’t know what he’s sayin’ most of the time; however, in the chorus, I wrote “the month’s rent, do an laid dem up the wages…” Which makes little sense… But I thinks he says, ” the month’s rent due an laid dem up da wages”… Maybe. Like the “wages” are laid up so can’t pay rent? Or, because rent due, the wages were “laid up” so can’t buy anything else? I don’t know…

    1. Hey Jin! Went in and changed a few things and cleaned up a little of the pidgin (haha, sorry, it’s just easier for viewers to read sometimes). Pretty sure the chorus is “… when it’s too late, the month’s rent due and they done up the wages”. Meaning that he’s already past the due date on this month’s rent AND the rental fee went up. In the first verse it’s either “Working in the morning ’til I hit drama” or “Working in the morning ’til I hit trauma” but it’s too close to tell. Let me know what you think!

      1. Hehe… wow, that’s a lot of work! If I remember correct, I phoneticized a lot of that stuff. I never know how much to do…
        Thanks for that! And, yes, now that you’ve suggested, it, “til I hit drama” sounds right on. Thanks for that too!

  2. Sounds good either way you guys write it … cause when you singing the song, wrong or right after couple heinyz it still will sound awesome! Thanks for all the hard work figuring out the lyrics! aloha!

  3. hey brudders! think the chorus goes,

    “everybody goes thru them hard times”
    “every once and a while da fish let go line”
    “how do you recuperate, when were late on a months rent”
    “when dey dont even up da wages”
    “i be talking story fo ages, so let me tell ya”

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