Haters (Remix)

Live  Animaux remix                   
It’s Kimie-eh-eh-eh-yeah
This is for all you haters … 

Chords (except for Bridge): Bm // D // E ////

Verse 1 (Kimie):
What’s gotten into you?
You sit around talkin’ like you do
You let it get the best of you
But I know better, my fire doesn’t need your fuel
Uh, I guess the sun don’t shine
In your neighborhood
But, honey, you’re barkin’ up the wrong tree
I’m like a bee sting, you won’t forget me

Chorus (2x):
Haters … beware
Karma’s a bitch, yeah
What goes around comes around, it won’t be long
What doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger

Verse 2 (Anuhea):
So you think you know me
Mmm, ha, better than I know myself
Well, honey, you’re dreamin’
So you better wake up and find yourself, yeah
See all this time that you spendin’ you hatin’
(It keeps you down, but I keep growin’)
Well, honey, my door’s not open
I’m not kiddin’, I’m livin’ I’m livin’ the life I’ve chosen

Repeat Chorus (2x):

Bridge (Irie Love):
D                 Gm                                
  It goes back to same old story, misery loves company
 B                                D#dim
(Love me) Love me, I’m in your heart
Hate me, I’m on your mind
               Em           Bm   D   E
Either way you won’t forget me      oh yeah
Bm, D, E
       Yeah-eh, yeah

Rap (Kimie):
One hater, two hater, three hater, four
Try to knock me down but it don’t bother me no more
I don’t really care

They try to put a hit on you
They like to bet on you
They try to pull you down, pull you down 
With the badge you drew
Remember words can never hurt you
In success your fake friends fall through
But we keep the good ones around, oh

Repeat Chorus (4x):

Irie Love, Eli-Mac, Anuhea
It’s Kimie

Ukulele Chords:

Bm (4222)          Gm    (0231)     
D  (2220)          B     (4322)
E  (4442)          D#dim (2323)
                   Em    (0432)


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