He Hawai`i Au

Sunday Manoa

Submitted by: Kanaka916
He  Hawai`i Au  
Words by Ron Rosha & Peter Moon 
Music by Peter Moon
G      D7     C  
I kêia pô eia au me `oe
     G     D7       G  D7
Kêia pô ua ho`i mai au
G           D7   C
He loa ka helena ma ke ala hele
  G           D7      G
E huli i wahi ma kêia ao

B7            Em   G7
Maopopo a ua `ike ho`i
   C             D7       G
Ka home i loko o ku`u pu`uwai
   B7                Em     Eb7
Ua ho`i mai au, ke `ike nei au
 G     D7    C 
`A`ole au e `auana hou
      G    D7         G
Ke maopopo he Hawai`i au 

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