He Punahele Nô `Oe

He  Punahele Nô `Oe
by Albert Nahale`a

C      A7       D7
He punahele no `oe
G7      C   G7
Nâ ka makua
C       A7     D7
Pûlama `ia no `oe
Me ke aloha

C7          F
He wahine u`i
D7         G7
A he pua nani
C       A7        D7
Ma ku`u poli mai `oe
G7   C
Ku`u lei

C         A7        D7
You are a beautiful baby
G7          C     G7
Pride of my heart
C              A7     D7
You are a dear little lady
Right from the start
C7                      F
You`re so sweet and lovely
D7            F  G7
Like a pretty flower
C           A7         D7
Close to my bosom I'll hold you
G7   C 
Baby mine


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