Higher Than The Clouds

Intro  (2x): 
Dm, C, Am, Bb

    Dm        C                     Am                Bb       
Yeah, feel up in the clouds on that Sunday sunset you taught me how
Dm                     C
   Took a drive up the mountain, yeah 
Am                        Bb
We could look down on our own little island
Dm                C                     Am               Bb
  Made me feel so comfortable with each moment that went by
Dm                 C                   Am         Bb
  I wanted to show you my love for the very first time

Dm                          C
  So you really wanna? (Yes)  So we really gonna? (Yes)
Am                        Bb
  I can't believe we both feel this way now
Dm                         C
  So we gonna try it? (Yes)  No more tryna hide it
Am                         Bb              Dm
  Let’s let it go and let emotions take control

Dm    C       Am              Bb
  You take me higher than the clouds
    Dm   C              Am               Bb     
And your touch makes me wanna scream out loud, oooh
Dm    C       Am              Bb
  You take me higher than the clouds
              Dm                         C
I don't wanna rush (rush), baby, when we touch
              Am      Bb
Wanna let you take me over, oooh

Dm            C                   Am             Bb
  I’m so damn lucky, babe, that I have you in my life, yeah
Dm                   C
  I don't have to be on a mountain
    Am                   Bb
To feel at the top and I know it won't stop ‘cause
Dm                 C                  Am               Bb
  When I'm in your arms I feel like a queen I dream to be
Dm               C
  I'm your lady, you are my man
Am                   Bb
Feels so right and I know you understand


F                  C
  Now with the sun setting in your eyes
  Dm                     Bb
I know all I wanna do is see the sunrise
F                                     C
Here we are, right here, right now, intensity
                Dm              C                Bb 
And it seems to me that you and me were meant to be

Me heart, me heart, me heart …
            Dm                           C
Me heart go rum, pum, pum, pum, like the beating of a drum
       Am                            Bb
Just a likkle touch from you, boy, I love you so much
       Dm                              C
You'll be my superman, I don’t feel no pain
                          Am                  Bb
Taking me higher inna the clouds, up, up, up, up and away

Repeat Chorus chords:


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