Home (and I’m staying this time)

Home  (And I'm Stayin This Time)

Composed By: Cecilio

Performed By: C & K
Am7  D (add sus & 9 on & off) 2x 

Am7                          D  (2nd guitar D7) 
My but it's great to be back home 
    Am7                     D 
The road makes you feel so alone 
    Am7                    D 
Now everything's feelin' alright 
    Am7                D 
And I'll see my baby tonight 

           G     C             D7 
'Cause I'm home, home, and I'm stayin' this time 
G     C             D7 
Home, home, no more cryin' this time 
    G     C          D7                         C 
I'm home, home and I want you to know that I'll never leave,
     C/B         Am7             X0403X     G  X04030  X02010  G*
I'll never leave no, babe, I'm not goin' to go 
Am7                           D 
My but it's nice  to see your smile 
My  - - -            but it's nice - - - to see your 
  Am7                  D 
I haven't seen it for awhile 
    A7m                       D 
And tell me just how have you been
    How - - -        have you been? 
             Am7                 D 
        It's so good to see you again 
It's so     good - - -  see you again


C          C/B           Am7        D7          G C D C G*  (G  Am7 G/B pick up**)   
Come sit beside me 'cause I want to feel your embrace 
C            C/B          Am7         D        G C D C G 
Pour me some coffee 'cause I won't be going anyplace
I - - -      won't be    going        any - - -place
           C                  C/B 
And you'll never know, you'll never know 
            Am7            D7           G* 
No, you'll never know that I missed you so 

Am7                            D 
My but it's good to feel your love 
       Am7                         D 
'Cause you're the one I'm thinkin' of 
Am7                       D 
And just to know that you care 
  Am7                 D 
I don't need to go anywhere 


* hammer and/or slide around with C X02010 & D X0403X chord variations

** pick up notes
            G   Am7  G
2nd string  0    1   3
6th string  3
5th string       0   2


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