I Remember

G,  C7


Verse 1:
I remember sitting alone on a sandy beach
Little bit of the rising tide, come upon my feet
Trying to find comfort in all my thoughts of you
But I can't seem to understand what I'm supposed to do

You said to me I'll never be
the man that you know
is inside of me
and girl i hope you know
wherever you may go
this little dreamer loves you so
yeah I remember, I remember
yeah I remember

Verse 2:
As I watch the sunset near the edge of the sea (near the edge of the sea)
I listen to the birds sing that special melody (special melody)
Whatever you do, whatever goals you reach
Remember that I sit alone on a sandy beach


Verse 3:
So I get so high from the long days ahead
My puppy at my side alone in my empty bed
And maybe those brown eyes that haunt in my dreams
Dance to a happy beat, but it's just not what it seems



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