Is This Love

Kolohe Kai

Submitted by: Ryan Rodriguez
Intro:  (C, G, Am, F)
Verse 1: (Am, F, G)
Girl I don’t have much
Just my loving touch
And I hope that’s alright with you
Am                                F
I know we just met but I’ll never let
My hesitation lose you

Pre chorus:
Am                           F       G
I gotta tell you that I’m one foot off the ground
Am                      F              G
Im getting to you but weight keeps keep pulling me down
Am                                   F       G
Ohh can’t you see that your the only one for me

Chorus:  (Chords: C, G, Am, F)
I don’t know what this is
Is this love?
All I know is that
Your all I think of x2 

Verse 2: 
Am                                                  F
Girl we’ve talked so long these feelings are so strong
I think that we should be together
Am                                             F
I feel something inside something I can’t describe
And its not getting better 

Pre Chorus: 

Chorus: x2

(Is this love x2) 


(Chords: C/, G/, Am/, F/

I don’t know what this is

Is this love? 

Chorus: x2

Is this love? X2

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