Island Girls

Chords:  F# , Ebm , G#m , C#

yea yu hav to give dis one up to my island girls yu know
ay yo right now we are show casing to of me bad boys madread pati and madread o-shen
ok man watch it

verse 1:
now we been loving from the dark until daw an
and now im lookin in your eyes in tha morning
and then yu look at me girl and smile
coz yu know ill treat yu right all the while
no where else in the world ive been
no more beautiful woman ive seen
when the sky is clear and the grass is green
island girls yu are a mans best dream

island girls i love the way that yu move me
(move me) move mee
island girls i love the way that yu sooth me (sooth me)
i love the way yu sooth me sooth me

verse 2: now everywhere that i go and everytime i do a show
i got a bunch of local girls all in the front row
they knowin all the words and the way the song goes
body bouncing all around like she playin the bongos
and yu know they wanna come to the party
kick it with the who 2 crew and get naughty
turn up the sterio so she can shake her body
baby girl i love it when yu call me big pati


if i and i had one weekness it would be island woman
with out the beauty all around what wuld i do man
when i cruize againt the wara looking all around the globe
exotic island girls moving in a rub-a-dub
i say if i had one of these girls as my companion
we'd be lookin at all the starts under the banyon
been all around the world an seen what these countrys got to offer
love what i see but it dont impress me
coz the island girls is lookin for proper
solwara meri mi tokim yu yu numba one favourite of all island man
so i be sending all my love to the princess of the sea
melanesian micronesian polynesian beauty

chorus (2x)


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