Jah Music

Intro:  C  Em-Ebm-Dm  G7

C              Em       Ebm  Dm  G7 
I know a place where we can go
C               Em       Ebm  Dm  G7
where reggae music takes control
C                Em         Ebm  Dm
and let the bass line move you
there's only one thing to do
C               Em      Ebm      Dm   G7    
sing this here song and let Jah know


            C   Em Ebm Dm  G7
	That I, I and I
	    C   Em  Ebm Dm  G7	
	Yes we, You and Me
	   C       Em  Ebm Dm  G7	
	Together, peacefully
	           C         Em  Ebm  Dm  
	with Jah music, it's all we need
	       G7         C  Em-Ebm-Dm  G7
	yeah yeah yeah yeah

Now reggae music makes you skank to your knees
the roots rock beat will keep ya jammin' jammin'
and pretty baby let me take you home with me
I give you all the lovin' baby that you need cause


Verse 1

Chorus x2 to fade


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