Kaleo `O Nalani

Mark Yamanaka

Submitted by: Kanaka916
Mark  Yamanaka

G                         C
As I look in your eyes I see
G                         C      D
A part of your mom and a part of me
G                         C
As you cry out for me I hear
G                    C D
A voice so soft and heavenly

C        D
           G  D       Em
You're so precious to me
C                       D
Your pretty smile that lasts a while
       G     D     Em         
It's such a joy to see
C                 D
My baby girl you are my world
G                D    Em
You know you'll always be
C    D      G

G                          C
As you reach out for me I feel
G                           C      D
The love between us that's all so real
G                        C
As you lay in my arms I see
G                       C    D
My angel sleeping so peacefully


C        D                  G
I'm so proud to be your daddy
C           D
And no one can
C                   D  E
Take that away from me


D        E                  A
I'm so proud to be your daddy
D           E
And no one can
D                  E  F#m
Take that away from me

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