Kona Daze

Composed  By: Malani Bilyeu

D                   Dmaj7
On the road alone,  pulling a heavy load
    D7                                G
Thinking of all your beauty night and day
D                                        A7
My heart yearns for your touch,  but yearning hurts too much
      G               A7           D    D7
And I think I'm gonna miss my Kona Days

        G              A7               F#m         Bm
        Times I didn't need you hadn't felt so all alone
              G             A7             D     D7
        Gotta find a way to get back to my island
            G          A7              F#m            Bm
        Lately my one dream has been returning to the leaves
           G             A7              D    Dsus-D-Dsus
        Golden summer winter through the day

D                       Dmaj7
Ocean calls to me,  velvet flowing sea
   D7                             G
Beauty morning, noon and all the day
D                            A7
I lived my life with time,  a day would pass to find
        G               A7          D    D7
That I think I'm gonna miss my Kona Days

Verse 1
Verse 2
Chorus  (except you repeat  "Golden Summer Winter" 3X before finishing
the line)


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  1. One of my fav songs! Been looking for the chords for a long time. Mahalo for posting and sharing it! I’m also looking for “To Be True”. Can you post/share that one too?

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