Leaving With Me

Intro  (4x):
C // F // G ////

                 C             F
She said she nah wait fe no boyfriend
Fe pay her rent, her lifestyle set
                C                   F
She hustle everyday inna de club on sweat
When she take a double, pay her cash, she collect
           C              F
Her perfume, fragrance so sweet like honey
  Break it down like a dancehall queen, yeah
C                 F
  Her swagger and style make me weak
  Like she came out of a swimsuit magazine
C                F
  Said she wanna sit by me
  Told her, “It’s a free country,” yeah
C                F         G
  Whisper to her tenderly, telling her, baby

     Girl, if I said …
     C           F         G
       You had a beautiful body
     Would you hold it against me?
     F           G               C
     Tell me I’m crazy and walk away
                       F          G
     Or would you feel different about me?
              C       F        G
     Say I’m amazing, fire was blazing
                              C   F   G
     When you’re leaving with me
                              C   F   G
     When you’re leaving with me

Verse 2:
Sex her real good,
Every time she see me she say “I inna de mood”
Don’t want to chatty chatty girl, straight to the job
Dash away the girls callin’ me iPhone
Sit down, switch it into airplane mode
Why I like, she full up on money
Why I like, she don’t want nobody, yeah
Told her she’s the one for me
Pick her up anytime you ready, yeah
She said she a go stick by me
Just like we were meant to be, yeah
Whisper to her tenderly, telling her, baby

[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 3:
Sexy and nice
The way she move her body make me want fe work
Hard and need it more than twice (ye-yeah)
And when she do the walk on by and see the
Jealously deep in a dem eyes (ye-yeah)
We making love like skyrockets in the night
Afternoon delight
Likkle more inna the evening, have yourself screaming, yeah
She’s the only one I need
Want to love her constantly, yeah
‘Member first time when we meet
When I whispered, baby

[Repeat Chorus]


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