Maile Lei For Your Hair


Submitted by: Kanaka916
Maile  Lei For Your Hair 
Norman Kaye

A [Bbm]maile [F]lei for your [Cdim]hair [Gm]
Has a [C7]special [F]meani[Am]ng  [Gm7]
It's a [C7]sweet al[Am]oha  [Gm7]
Made with [C7]loving [F]care [Gm7]
From [Bbm]mountians [F]kissing the [Cdim]blue [Gm
Near the [C7]ridge of [F]heav[Am]en  [Gm7]
I have [C7]brought this [Am]Maile [Gm7]
Maile [C7]love for [F]you [F7]
[Bb]Maile,[C7] fashioned by the [F]sun 
[Dm] Beauty,[G7] just for you my lovely [Gm]one [C7]
A [Bbm]maile [F]lei for your [Cdim]hair [Gm]
Is a [C7]crown of [F]glo[Am]ry  [Gm7]
It's the [C7]sweetest [Am]story [Gm7]
Of my [C7]love for [F]you [F7]
Of my love for [F9]you [D7]

Repeat, if desired . . .

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