Makanalei  - Moke Boy

F                     Bb
In a Window, i can see
 C7                    F
a little Angel, looking at me
F		 F7                          Bb
a pretty Flower, yes a Pretty flower just for me
     F           C7        F             C7
my Li'i li'i, ku'uipo, Makanalei

F             Bb
In a Craddel, Rock a bye
C7               F
my love and joy, Close your eyes
F                          F7            Bb
nighty nighty, yes my little girl nighty night
   F             C7        F
my Li'i li'i, ku'uipo, Makanalei

Bb               F
Pua o'ola aloha, aka hui maika'i
G7            C7      
ana ona leo mele, Chasity

F                    Bb
In a Dream, yes a dream
 C7                            F
you are with me, you are next to me
F                              F7            Bb           
by my side, my little girl has grown to be a lady
     F           C7        F          
my Li'i li'i, ku'uipo, Makanalei
     F           C7        F
my Li'i li'i, ku'uipo, Makanalei.. 


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  1. Aloha and Mahalo nui loa for the chords and song lyrics to Makanalei Kupihea. A blessed day to you! Malama pono, Wendy

  2. This is a beautiful song , I first heard this song while being on YouTube and watching Darren Benitez at the Hawaii habiltat where Moke boy sang this song, that was a great show..

  3. Love this song, what beautiful harmony,I first heard this song done when watching the Darren Benitez Moke boy on utube for Hawaii Habilitat.what an awesome video and a great thing they did for them..

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