Make You Stay

Chords Submitted by: danishkine

A  /// E ///// F#m /// D ////
                      Eh, eh

        A            E             D
Bounce, lover, bounce, lover, like me - eh - eh

Verse 1:
A  E                 F#m         D  
   Love has come and found me, my friend
A       E                              F#m           D 
  Oh even though I said I’d never ever love, no not again
A          E                   F#m           D
  I’ve got this thing that I do that makes your grey skies turn blue
A           E                F#m           D                    F#m
  No matter what you gon’ do I will be the one that’s there for you
D     E
Baby, when I say to you, yeah

A                E
  Oh baby I know just what you’re feelin’
F#m               D
  I’m the one who make you touch the ceilin’
A                  E
  There’s no empty promise with no meaning
F#m                     D
Baby I’m on top, ‘cause you know I won’t stop and I
A       E       F#m      D
I can’t wait to hear you say
     A       E       D        E 
That I’m the man who made you stay

A   E      F#m  D       A     E                D  
    Eh, you  …  me, one lover, one lover, like me

Verse 2: (A, E, F#m, D)
Sometimes I want you, baby, want you so bad
Sometimes I want you, baby, and just can’t have
Oh, what am I’m supposed to do? 
Just wait here around for you, pretty baby
And when you’re ready, maybe, you could just be my baby

F#m  D              E
(Oh, Oh) Oh, when I say to you, say to you, yeah

Repeat Chorus:

F#m              Bm
Oh, you break my heart, baby
F#m            Bm    E
Now, return my soul
F#m              D      E           A
You, you take my breath away, away, away

Repeat Chorus:

A   E   F#m           D
        Oh ooh oh ooh oh baby
 Oh, night and day and
 Oh, night and day and
F#m                    D    A
 Oh, night and day and


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