Maui Boy

Cherry Roots

Submitted by: ALLEY KALANZ
[Chords  - Gm, Eb, Bb, F]

I see you there you’re lookin' so fine
What can I do, to make you be mine
You've been checkin' me out, from the first time that I saw you
What is there left for me to do
Why don’t you come over and talk to me
'Cause your lookin' interested & I’m interested too

I need a Maui boy, one boy that would make me feel alright
I need a Maui boy boy, Maui boy

When you look into my eyes, tell me what you feel inside
Are you feelin' me, as much as I'm feelin' you
My head is sayin' "no," but my heart is sayin' that it’s you
So what's it gonna be boy, are you mine or are you wastin' my time


Cruisin' with my girls, were goin' out tonight
Gonna get irie, gonna feel alright
show up to a partyand what do we see
a bunch of kanes and right in front of me is my Maui Boy
He’s smilin' on the wide, as if he’s happy to see me
He grabs me by the waist, kisses me and tells me “you’re my baby”


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