Maui Hawaiian Sup`paman

Maui  Hawaiian Sup'pa Man
Del Beazley
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Intro: Am, G, Am, G

Oh, told is the tale of the mischievous one
    G                              F        E7  Am
Who fished out all the islands and captured the sun

His deeds and tasks I will unmask so that you'll understand
That before there was a Clark Kent
            F        E7    Am
There was a Hawaiian Suppa Man
C                 G                      F
He fished out the islands with the magic hook
C                     G                Am
There would have been more if somebody looked
C               G                F
In blue morning sky the sun he entwined
C                G                    Am     E7
To slow down his flight so kapa could dry, yeah

Mischievous, marvelous, magical Maui, hero of this land
    G                         F        E7    Am
The one the only the ultimate Hawaiian Suppa Man
      G     F       E7
Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian Suppa Man
Am    G     F       E7
Maui, Maui, Maui, Hawaiian Suppa Man

Secret of fire was locked somewhere in time
             G                            F      E7  Am
So when the 'ahi died in the hale kuke no way to reignite

So off he goes in search of those who hold the information
   G                             F      E7  Am
So fire could be used by all the future generations
C                G                    F
They found that 'Alae held the fire connection
C               G                         Am
But his plan of deception fell short from perfection
C             G                    F
With no other choice he had to get mean
C                     G                Am           E7
So he squeezed 'Alae's throat until she screamed the secret



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