Me and You

Me  and You
G, D, Em
C, Bm, Am, D
verse 1:
search the whole world for a girl like you forever
made my life so complete
and if i could I’d like to make you my wife, and never
never ever leave you girl
cuz i been waiting for a girl like you
my love has never ever been so true
and you can count on me you'll see
my love will always be
i promise you this party’s just for two
girl it’s me and you
verse 2
once you’re in my life i will cherish, love, and respect you
give you all the things you need
i will share my life with you and never hurt you
you can put your trust in me
C    	D        	Em
when you look at me i see (see)(see)
C      	D          	Em
a love you have for me is ohh so real
C 	D             	Em
in my life i share with you my love,
C                           D
cuz you will always be with me
verse 3:
girl i promise you my love is yours forever
girl no matter come what may
there is nothing that will ever come between us
know the difference when i say


Published by Keegan Sablan

I'm Keegan. Chamorro/Filipino from Boise, ID. That's it....for now.

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