Mele of My Tutu E

{t:Mele  of My Tutu E}
{st:Pahinui Bros}

Vamp[D]  [G7]  [C]
    [D]  [G7]  [C] 

[C]Ho’okahi Sunday afternoon
[G7]There goes my tutu [C]e [C7]
She's[F]trucking on down to [C]town
On the [D]ala nui[G7]kapakahi [C]way

[D]  [G7]  [C]

[C]She was singing an old melody
Of [G7]‘Anapau, ‘e liliu [C]e’[C7]
[F]Tutu will show you how to [C]do-oo
The [D]hula ami[G7] oni oni [C]e

[D]  [G7]  [C]

[C]Tutu e ina ka’awa e
That’s the [G7]drink of the South Sea Islands[C]e [C7]
U [F]ona e tutu [C]e-e
Now she’s doing the hula rum boogie e

[D]  [G7]  [C]
[D]  [G7]  [C] 

[C]Tutu is going home now
To her[G7] hale by the kapakahi[C]way[C7]
Ha’i[F]na ‘ia mai kapu[C]a na
That’s the [D]mele of my [G7]tutu [C]e

[D]  [G7]  [C] 
[D]  [G7]  [C] 


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  1. Omg… this is an oldie and favorite of mine, Mele of My Tutu E, lol. Never would’ve thought that others listened to this song let alone have the lyrics and uke chords too. Thank you!!

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